It is called Google Summer of Code for a reason, right?

My project is “Implement Thanks support in Pywikibot”. It’s just that, implementing Pywikibot support for the Thanks extension. This was the subject of a GSoC project last year, which unfortunately was not completed. There is code from that project still in Gerrit, which we have to sift through and pull out salvageable parts.

The base idea for the Pywikibot side of my project is adding methods to the Site class for the two Thanks API calls, thanks and flow-thanks, and adding methods to serve as the “external” API in classes representing MW objects. I’m pretty sure I’ll add a Post.thank() method, but my mentor and I will have to further discuss where the normal revision thanking method will go. My original plan was to put it in the Revision class, but that class doesn’t currently support such an interface because it’s basically a glorified dict.

On the server-side front, my mentor and I decided to have me, as my first server-side task, write a proof-of-concept implementation of logging when a user enables and disables Thanks notifications, as a way to get that discussion moving.

We’re actually in the middle of a full review of the 2016 patches. I’ll write about those discussions next week.

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