Blogs are not my thing. Coding is.

I know I’m way behind on this, so I’ll skip detailed details. I’m through the first midterm, which I passed. (Yay!) I thought it was on to phase 2, thanking Flow posts. But there’s been a digression. My new job is to write a replacement to Faebot’s thanker/thankee reports, using the phase 1 code (log entries, in particular). I’ll try to post more details on the implementation in my next post.

As for what I did in phase 1, Pywikibot can now thank users for normal revisions and work with the Thanks log entries. Here’s a video of a demo which thanks users for revisions on random testwiki pages.

The phase 1 code has already been merged, so try it now!

Finally, I would like to make people aware of a task to allow users to opt out of Thanks. As an attempt to get the ball rolling again, I’ll be posting a change soon related to this task. Stay tuned!


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