Summer is nothing without the tilt of the Earth. Thank you, planetary collisions in the early days of the Solar System.

Google Summer of Code 2017 has wrapped up. Again, my project was to implement support for Thanks in Pywikibot. I am happy to say that I achieved that goal. Now, Pywikibot bots can thank users for normal (wikitext) revisions and for Flow posts. Also merged was code to model Thanks log entries in Pywikibot. An old patch for adding Flow revisions to Pywikibot was almost finished, but it wasn’t a requirement for this project.

While there wasn’t any merged server-side code, I did post a patch that can serve as a basis for publicly logging changes to a user’s thankability status. I wish I could have done more work on the extension, but Pywikibot was the priority, and wisely so.

Also written as part of this project was a script to implement Faebot’s reporting of frequent thankers and thankees. That script available on a personal GitHub repository, along with some unit tests that pass on Travis CI.

I’ll admit this experience was more stressful than my other GSoC project in 2015. There were more community and social expectations than last time, which I eventually disregarded at the advice of my mentor. I also took two college courses over the summer, limiting the time I had to spend coding. Owing to my previous experience with Pywikibot, I had lofty expectations. While I failed to meet all of them, overall I got the job done.

I would like to thank my mentor, John Vandenberg, the Wikimedia Foundation and their organizers, Google, and the countless coders on whose work I built. Barring rule changes, I won’t be eligible for Summer of Code again, but I would love to continue contributing to Wikimedia and FOSS in general.


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